IFRTD News RSS Feed http://www.pact.lk International Forum for Rural Transport and Development News Launch of Togo NFG The Togo National Forum Group on Rural Transport and Development was offically launched on 4th August 2004 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=7 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=7 Promoting Sustainability of Community Based Rural Transport Infrastructure At a workshop organised in Rajasthan between the 6-8 September by the Rajasthan Forum Group and the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, participants from the implementing organisations of the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY), the Internatio http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=9 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=9 Transport Safety and Mobility of Women and Children Announcement of a discussion meeting to be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=11 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=11 Prize winners! Announcing the winners of the IFRTD Evaluation Survey http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=13 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=13 Researching Mobility with Children An exciting new initiative for developing a participatory child-centred field methodology or toolkit to improve policy on children's mobility and access with children from India, Ghana and South Africa was begun in October at a workshop in India. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=14 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=14 TransNet workshop on Mobility and Health The significant contribution of mobility to development and the livelihoods of poor people is widely recognised, however the development sector is yet to fully acknowledge and understand the role of transport in improving poor people's health. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=24 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=24 Ngware Bicycle Taxi Group, Kisumu, Kenya 15th anniversary of bicycle taxi services in Kisumu, Kenya http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=25 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=25 International workshop on Community Participation in Transport Management The workshop will take place in Cajamarca, Peru, April 4-7, 2005. The objective is to promote sustainable systems of rural transport through community management. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=26 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=26 Road Safety Workshop in Ethiopia On the 5th February 2005, The Ethiopia National Forum for Rural Transport and Development held a workshop on Road Safety in Modjo, Ethiopia http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=27 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=27 The Uhuru -" bringing freedom to Zimbabwe's remote communities A recent update from Zimbabwe reveals that the revolutionary motorcycle-sidecar ambulance developed by Riders for Health is having a fantastic impact on some of the country's most vulnerable communities. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=28 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=28 Transport and the MDGs A new issue page has been uploaded to the IFRTD website looking at the role of transport in the Millennium Development Goals http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=29 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=29 Congratulations to IRF Woman of Year Long time supporter of the IFRTD wins International Road Federation's Woman of the Year award for 2005! http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=30 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=30 New IFRTD Executive Secretary appointed It gives us great pleasure to welcome Marinke van Riet as the new Executive Secretary of the IFRTD Secretariat. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=31 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=31 Community Participation in Transport Management -" An International Workshop This workshop aimed to highlight the potential benefits and inherent challenges of ensuring community participation in rural transport interventions. The bi-lingual event held in Cajamarca. Peru, was hosted by IFRTD and ITDG and co-funded by the European http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=32 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=32 IFG News Update - May 2005 The International Focus Group on Rural Road Engineering (IFG) has posted its latest news update online http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=34 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=34 New IRAP publications ILO ASIST AP have recently published two new resources on IRAP. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=36 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=36 Call for Papers TRB have put out a call for papers on behalf of the Women's Issues in Transportation Committee. There is a topic on transportation issues in developing countries (relating to the Millennium Development Goals). http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=37 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=37 India and Sri Lanka exchange experiences on Rural Road Development Programmes Public Seminar held in Colombo on rural road programmes of India and Sri Lanka http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=38 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=38 Consultation Workshop on Transport Sector Performance Indicators This workshop is part of an initiative of the Transport and Urban division (TUDTR) of the World Bank to develop a comprehensive draft set of 'transport performance and impact indicators'. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=33 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=33 IFRTD 2005 Regional Meetings in Cuba and Rwanda Announced Dates and themes for the annual IFRTD regional meetings for East and Southern Africa and Latin America have now been announced. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=39 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=39 Waterways Workshop Announcement A Waterways and Livelihoods workshop for Latin America has been announced. The workshop will be held in Bluefields, Nicaragua from 24th to 27th october 2005. Applications for participation are now invited. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=40 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=40 IFRTD Asia Regional Meeting 2005 IFRTD Asia Regional Meeting was successfully concluded on the 15th September at the Birla Institute of Technology and" Science (BITS), Pilani, Rajasthan in India after three days of meeting of eight National Forum Groups in Asia. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=50 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=50 ILO ASIST Regional Seminar ILO ASIST Africa, together with the Kenya Roads Board, convened a very successful regional seminar on labour based technologies for rural roads. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=63 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=63 Inaugural AFCAP Meeting The inaugural meeting of the African Community Access Programme (AFCAP) was held on 29th and 30th September http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=64 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=64 IFRTD Regional Meeting for East and" Southern Africa Between 26th and 28th September, representatives of national networks from 7 countries in the region gathered in Kigali, Rwanda, for the 4th IFRTD regional meeting. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=65 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=65 Executive Committee Meeting and Strategy Planning Workshop http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=67 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=67 Waterways and Livelihoods In October an IFRTD Waterways and Livelihoods workshop was hosted by DANIDA in Bluefields, Nicaragua http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=69 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=69 Forum News 12.2: Community Participation and Transport Forum news 12.2: Community Participation in Transport Management, is now available online http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=72 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=72 Second gTKP General Assembly The Global Transport Knowledge Partnership (gTKP) is holding its second annual assembly in Tunis in February 2006. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=73 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=73 Ethiopia Workshop on transport, HIV/AIDS and Human Rights The Ethiopia National Forum for Rural Transport and Development (ENFRTD) organised a one day workshop on Transport, HIV/AIDS and Human Rights on 29th October 2005 in Mojo, south of Addis Ababa http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=74 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=74 IFRTD Executive Committee Meeting 2005 The IFRTD annual Executive Committee Meeting was held in Stockholm, Sweden in November. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=75 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=75 New Website for Rwanda Transport Forum The Rwanda National Forum Group on Rural Transport and Development have launched a new website www.rwandatransport.net http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=76 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=76 Poverty Watch Workshop, Kenya A workshop to develop a transport and poverty links monitoring framework. 13-15th December 2005, Nairobi, Kenya http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=77 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=77 Minutes of IFRTD Executive Committee Meeting The minutes of the IFRTD Executive Committee Meeting 2005 are now online http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=79 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=79 Post-disaster Guidelines launched by LFRTD The Lanka Forum for Rural Transport and Development (LFRTD) has launched Guidelines for the rehabilitation of Rural Transport systems after natural disaster http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=80 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=80 5th International Colloquium on Working Equines The 5th International Colloquium on Working Equines will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 30th October to 2nd November 2006. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=82 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=82 Virtual Consultation on World Bank Transport Strategy During April the Gatnet gender and transport email network is hosting a consultation on the World Bank's Transport Strategy for 2007 to 2015. Click here to find out how you can participate http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=83 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=83 gTKP Global Transport Workshop The gTKP Global Transport Workshop - Feb 2006, Tunis. Knowledge Sharing on Transport - A Vital Way Forward. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=84 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=84 New edition of LFRTD News is online The new edition, of LFRTD News, Volume 1 issue 4 (March 2006), is now online. LFRTD News is the newsletter of the Lanka Forum for Rural Transport and Development. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=85 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=85 10th Transnet Meeting - Rural Roads Maintenance and Financing An event to provide an overview on the 'state of the art' in Rural Roads Maintenance and Financing. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=86 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=86 IFRTD Executive Committee appoints new Chairman http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=87 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=87 IFRTD 2005 Network report highlighting transport and" the MDGs is now online IFRTD's 2005 Network Report highlighting Transport and the MDGs is now available online in English http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=88 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=88 Support for Mojo Horse Cart Owners Association in Ethiopia In Ethiopia the local Administration of Mojo has granted a 500 square metre plot of land to the Mojo Horse Cart Owners' Association. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=90 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=90 Workshop in South Africa IFRTD, World Bank, Department of Transport and Agetip work together on transport indicators http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=92 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=92 www.mobilityandhealth.org is live! A new web site is launched for the International Mobility and Health programme http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=91 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=91 Course on Non-motorised transport Planning, design, construction, and evaluation of spaces for pedestrians, bicyclists, and animal-drawn transport. Course at the University of Pretoria from 21-23 of August 2006 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=93 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=93 Rapid Assessment of Rural Transport Services Draft Report of a rapid assessment methodology developed for the World Bank SSATP programme now available online http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=95 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=95 Call for Expressions of Interest in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=96 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=96 id21 insight on Rural Transport and the MDGs The Institute of Development Studies has published a new id21 insight with the theme of rural transport and the Millennium Development Goals. http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=97 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=97 IFRTD Asia Regional Meeting 2006 IFRTD Asia Region holds its 5th Asia Regional Meeting http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=99 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=99 The Makete Approach: From Pilot Project to Policy Impact and Institutionalisation A new research study is launched to assess the impact of the Makete Integrated Rural Transport Project 20 years after its inception http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=100 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=100 Rural Transport Safety Studies- call for participation IFRTD is commissioning 4 small case studies in Asia, Latin America and Africa http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=104 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=104 FAO introduces new section of work on Rural Infrastructure IFRTD has been invited to attend the Consultations to inform this new programme http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=107 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=107 IFRTD appoints new West Africa Coordinator Guy Kemtsop has started as the new Coordinator for Francophone West and Central Africa http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=106 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=106 Riding and Sliding for a better health! African, Asian and Latin American researchers meet in regional workshops to finalise overall methodology on Mobility and Health Research http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=108 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=108 Women, Development and Transport in Rural Eastern Cape, South Africa A newly published monograph from HSRC Press http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=111 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=111 23rd World Road Congress The abstracts deadline for the PIARC 23rd World Road Congress draws near! http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=112 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=112 IFRTD's new strategy taken forward IFRTD's 5-year strategy document is further developed at regional workshops in Indonesia, Mexico and Tanzania http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=113 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=113 IFRTD nominated as a member of the Advisory Committee for the Planning of the 4th African Road Safety Congress. IFRTD has been invited to be a member of the advisory committee that is organising the 4th African Road Safety Congress. (Ghana, February 2007) http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=114 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=114 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=12 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=12 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=81 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=81 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=105 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=105 Transport Policy Review in Kenya The government of Kenya is embarking on a review of the interface between it's poverty Reduction and transport sector strategies. The review process commences with a stakeholder's meeting on 11th August 2004 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=6 http://www.ifrtd.org/new/news/full.php?view=6