Community Responses to HIV/AIDS Along Transit Corridors and Areas of Transport Operations in Eastern and Southern Africa

IIFRTD afiliated National Forum Groups (NFGs) in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, led by the South Africa NFG (Hosted by CSIR Transportek, Pretoria), have initiated an extensive literature review on this issue. They investigated the types of community based responses and institutions that have emerged along transport corridors, at hubs, and at locations of infrastructure construction or maintenance, as a response to the HIV/AIDs crisis.The overall aim was to identify the scope for the transport sector to work in partnership with these communities to mitigate impact.
The synthesis of the literature review was published in 2004 and is available here to download:

Final Report, April 2004 - Download Word Doc 286kb

For more information please contact Mac Mashiri email: or Peter Njenga

Moving together to mitigate the impacts of HIV/AIDS in Africa:
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