Regional Work - East & Southern Africa

IFRTD has very strong and dedicated membership in the ESA region. The membership consists of national networks [NFGs] in 7 countries, namely, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa, individual memberships from Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and Lesotho, and institutional partners such as ILO ASIST Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Programme [SSATP], UN Habitat, Animal Traction Network for Eastern and Southern Africa [ATNESA] and ITDG East Africa.

Click here for more information about IFRTD affiliated national networks (NFGs) in East and Southern Africa.

Policy advocacy has been an important output of the NFGs in the region. For example, in 2004, the NFG in Tanzania held a half day dialogue session with over 150 members of parliament to discuss institutional framework for rural roads financing and management and issues related to rural access and poverty reduction in Tanzania. In Kenya, the NFG, working with partners such as ITDG, KENDAT and ILO ASIST, worked to influence the removal of import taxes on bicycles. In Zimbabwe, the NFG has been working closely to have the national transport strategy incorporate more pro-poor orientations.

The networks are involved in a range of research, policy advocacy and networking activities. Key research activities carried out in the region include work on transport and HIV AIDS along major transport corridors, links between transport and poverty, and case studies on inland water transport in Lake Victoria. New themes for research include rural transport hubs, rural transport safety, and mobility and health.

For more information contact:

Peter Njenga,
IFRTD regional coordinator,
Eastern and Southern Africa Region
P.O Box 314 Karen, Nairobi, Kenya.

Email: or
Tel: +254 72 2360860 or + 254 20 883323

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