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A new rural transport organisation has recently been established in Papua New Guinea, to download their newsletter and read more about their work click here.

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The 7th annual regional meeting for the IFRTD Asia and Pacific network was held in Kathmandu, Nepal from 9th to 11th September 2009.

Click here for an overview of the meeting.
The meeting proceedings are available for download here:
(Download Word Doc - 816 kb)

Click on the links below for to download the presentations made at the meeting:

Country network presentations -

Report on Nepal Forum for Rural Transport and Development (NFRTD) 2008 - 2009. (Click here - pdf 56kb)

Report on Pakistan Network activities 2008 - 2009. (click here - pdf 1MB)

Report on Bangladesh National Forum for Rural Transport and Development (BNFRTD), 2008 -2009. (Click here - Word 48kb)

Report on the Cambodian National Community of Transport Practitioners (CNCTP), 2008-2009. (Click here - pdf 196kb)

Report on the Indonesian Forum Group for Rural Transport and Development (IFGRTD), 2008-2009. (Click here - pdf 48kb)

Report on the Lanka Forum for Rural Transport Development (LFRTD) 2008-2009. (Click here - pdf 24kb)

Thematic presentations -

LFRTD Community Bus Evaluation, by C Maliyadde. (Click here - pdf 104kb)

Road Safety in Rural Areas, by Ashoke K Sarkar. (Click here - pdf 2MB)

Creating Alternative Means of Rural Livelihood Through Road Building in Nepal, by Arjun Poudel, DPM Rural Access Programme. (Click here - pdf 828 kb)

Regional Challenges for Mainstreaming Gender Aspects into the Transport Sector in Asia, by Kyoko Kusakabe, Asian Institute of Technology. (Click here - pdf 1.8MB)

Gravity Goods Ropeway Scaling Up - A Case of Technology Standardization in Nepal, by Practical Action Nepal. (Click here - pdf 728kb)

Transport Sector Interventions in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India by Practical Action. (Click here - pdf 668kb)

Regional Issues in Inclusive Transport for Peoples with Disabilities and the Elderly, By Dr Victor John Cordeiro, Leonard Cheshire Disability, South Asia Office. (Click here - pdf 564kb)

Sharing Experiences of RTIP, by MMH Shamaji, LGED, Bangladesh. (Click here - pdf 1.4MB)

Techno-Economic Feasibility Study: Use of Waste Plastics with Bitumen for Road Construction, by Uttam Kumar Saha, Practical Action Bangladesh. (Click here - pdf 132kb)

Rural Transport in Vietnam. (Click here - pdf 264kb)

IFRTD Secretariat Presentations -

Membership Management. Ideas to improve our Impact, by Maria Arce Moreira. (Click here - pdf 40kb)

New IFRTD Website, by Maria Arce Moreira. (Click here - pdf 36kb)


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