Projects and Activities

This section of the IFRTD website is home to IFRTD's international projects, activities and collaborations. For regional activities please go to the Regional section.  Click on the links below for the latest information and outputs from current and past projects:


Mobility and Health - An international networked research programme

Children and Mobility - An innovative child-centred research programme in Ghana, Malawi and South Africa

Rural Transport Safety – Some exploratory studies to look at the safety issues beyond road safety

Transport Performance and Impact Indicators - A Workshop Series


Rural Transport Hubs - 4 small studies in Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and South Africa exploring the concept of integrated rural transport services in a hub

Poverty Watch - Enabling civil society to monitor transport investments and encourage pro-poor transport policies

Waterways and Livelihoods - Improving Rural Access and Mobility through the development of rural water transport

Improving Mobility Workshop Series

Promoting the Sustainability of Rural Transport Infrastructure - Toolkit and Workshop Series

Balancing the Load - Gender and Transport Research


Projects and Activities

     Balancing the Load

     Children and Mobility

     Improving Mobility

     Mobility and Health

     Poverty Watch

     Rural Transport Hubs

     Rural Transport Safety

     Sustainable Rural

     Transport Indicators

     Waterways & Livelihoods


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