Contact details

Mr Tatenda Mbara
Department of Rural and Urban Planning
University of Zimbabwe
P. O. Box MP 167
Mount Pleasant, Harare
Telephone: 263 4 303-211 ext 1411
Fax: 263 4 333-407
E-mail: tmbara@hotmail.com or Tmbara@sociol.uz.ac.zw

Current Projects

1) Input into the Zimbabwe National Transport Policy (NTP). Five members attended the workshop that formulated the NTP. The ZFRTD chairman facilitated the workshop. With a high presence of NFG members it was possible to influence the inclusion of rural transport matters in the policy document

2) Poverty and Transport Strategies Review Process (PTSRP). Zimbabwe undertook the PTSRP between April and June 2005. The ZFRTD was invited as a key stakeholder. In addition three more forum members attended as representatives of their organisations and the ZFRTD chairman was a resource person for the entire process.

3) Rural Transport Hubs and their potential in improving rural transport efficiency and accessibility in Zimbabwe. The ZFRTD has undertaken this study and the outputs were presented at the fourth regional meeting.

4) In September 2007 the ZFRTD held an important workshop in Harare, to discuss the history of the NFG and ways forward. For a full copy of the workshop report click on the 'Repositioning the Rural Transport and Development Agenda' link below.



The ZFRTD does not issue a Newsletter at this time.

Other Publications

Meeting the Challenge in Zimbabwe (554 K)

Repositioning the Rural Transport and Development Agenda (207Kb Word)

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