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Motorcycle ambulances in Malawi reduce maternal mortality

eRanger have been working with the Malawi Ministry of Health to introduce 100 motorcycle ambulances into the Dowa region of Malawi by January 2008. The plan is to eventually deploy one eRanger motorcycle ambulance in each of its rural primary health units. It forms a part of the Malawian Government’s Safe Motherhood Programme which has been instrumental in tackling Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 – to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health. As Minister of Health Marjorie Ngaunje says: “in my country we have a Road Map to reduce maternal mortality that is fully integrated into the health SWAp… We want pregnancy to become a cause for celebration not a death sentence in Africa.”

In recent months production of these motorcycle vehicles at the eRanger factory has been scaled up to 25 vehicles per month with production capacity expansion planned to increase to 70 units per month.

For more information on the motorcycle ambulance and the Malawi project visit the eRanger website by clicking here.

To view numbers and statistics on the Malawi project's success, click here.


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