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Building on the transport indicators workshop series a virtual forum in Latin America

From the 2nd to the 20th of July 2007 a virtual discussion workshop –supported by gTKP- was held through the which is accessible via

The virtual discussion was organised in light of sharing the results of a workshop on transport indicators that was held in Peru in March 2007. In collaboration with the World Bank’s Transport and Social Responsibility thematic group, IFRTD and selected local partners have been collaborating to host a series of regional workshops to review the measures and indicators that are used in the transport sector.  The workshops aim to raise awareness of the initiative among key stakeholders and invite contributions to the process to ensure that it accounts for national priorities and long term sustainability. 

The virtual discussion was meant as an additional tool for dissemination as well as to enrich the debate with new perspectives. Facilitators were contracted –from the member base- to facilitate the whole process.  Every week, a thought-provoking paper was shared through the egroup, to introduce the subject and trigger responses and debate.  General conclusions would be drawn from the different topics and a synthesis prepared for each topic which was also shared through the ifrtdal and web. A background document on basic concepts of transport indicators was prepared at the beginning of the virtual workshop-forum.  By the end of the third week it was enriched thanks to the contribution of all participants.  The full document –only in Spanish- is available here while an English summary is available here

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