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thumbnail of Entries invited for Colin Relf Young Voices AwardEntries invited for Colin Relf Young Voices Award
September 2, 2010

Young people from developing countries are encouraged to enter the 2010 Colin Relf Award - Exploring new thinking in rural transport.

The Rising Nepal highlights Rural Transport
July 5, 2010
Following the recent Gender and Transport Workshop in Bangkok Jhabindra Bhandari writes in the Rising Nepal about some of the critical issues that persist in rural areas of developing countries.

Gender, Economic Integration and Cross-Border Infrastructure Development - Post workshop update
July 1, 2010
An update from the organisers of the Gender, Economic Integration and Cross-Border Infrastructure Development Workshop.

thumbnail of Mobility and Health in the BOND NetworkerMobility and Health in the BOND Networker
June 15, 2010

IFRTD's mobility and health research is featured in the latest edition of BOND's 'Networker' publication.

Transaid on Youtube
May 21, 2010
Catch up on Transaid's work at their Youtube channel.

Should Uganda ban traditional birth attendants?
April 1, 2010
A recent article from the Katine project in Uganda reflects on the goverments decision to ban traditional birth attendants. What is the role of transport in this debate?

Just one Ambulance for Every 110,000 People in Northern Nigeria
April 1, 2010
How Transaid are working to establish a sustainable programme of ambulance driver training and assessment in Katsina state, northern Nigeria.

thumbnail of Request for Advice - Transport for Women in Labour in AfghanistanRequest for Advice - Transport for Women in Labour in Afghanistan
February 4, 2010
Health Prom, an NGO working to improve health and social care for vulnerable women and children in Europe and Central Asia, are seeking your advice for a small partnership project they are supporting in Northern Afghanistan to reduce newborn and maternal mortality.

thumbnail of Sri Lanka NFG (LFRTD) organises an advocacy workshop on Sri Lanka NFG (LFRTD) organises an advocacy workshop on
July 7, 2009
Recommendations made on disbalility sensitive infrastructures and transport services to be mainstreamed in to national transport polcies of Sri Lanka

IFRTD Makes Submission to the UK's DFID White Paper Consultation
June 4, 2009
IFRTD has made a comprehensive submission to the UK's Department for International Development (DFID) White Paper consultation process, highlighting the critical role that rural transport plays in socio-economic development and economic growth.

In Wamakko, Donkeys are Ambulances
June 3, 2009
According to villagers, the lack of vehicles has now compelled them to engage the services of donkeys to convey the sick to the local government headquarters a few kilometres away, before getting a vehicle to hospital in Sokoto, the state capital

Health Without Limits in Peru
June 3, 2009
Salud Sin Limites (Health without Limits) Peru has embarked on a transit accident research programme to inform the public policy debate

Motorbikes and Midwives: Delivering Better Care for Kenya's Mums
May 8, 2009
DfID (UK Government) report on putting in place newly-trained community health workers, a civic education programme and a new maternity unit in Kenya

Atelier national Burkinabé sur la thématique: Transport et Décentralisation
April 29, 2009
Le Groupe Forum National Burkinabé (GFN) organise du 26 au 30 Avril 2009 un atelier national de réflexion sur le thème : « Mobilité et accessibilité en milieu rural du Burkina Faso : enjeux et opportunités des collectivités territoriales dans le contexte

IFRTD Latin America Takes Research Results to the Policy-Makers
April 29, 2009
New funding will help IFRTD members use creative communication tools to take their research results to policy-makers

Ghanaian Health workers warned to stay in rural areas
March 4, 2009
The Northern Regional Minister in Ghana has warns that commuting is taking a negative toll on the output of health personnel working in rural villages.

Suspense Story
January 7, 2009
In the hills of Nepal a bridge is not just a crossing place, it’s a lifeline which can mean the difference between poverty and prosperity.

thumbnail of Midwives on MotorbikesMidwives on Motorbikes
January 7, 2009
Marie Stopes International in Timor Leste has introduced a motorbike outreach initiative to enhance mobility for midwives.

thumbnail of Mobility and Health Workshop in South Africa: sharing experiencesMobility and Health Workshop in South Africa: sharing experiences
December 4, 2008
Cohosted by gTKP and the Southern Africa National Transport Forum (SA-NFG), IFRTD is organising a three-day workshop (8-10 December) that aims at providing greater visibility to the links between access to health care and the challenges of transportatio

The State of Rural Transport and Development - An International Workshop
November 19, 2008
From 22-24 October 2008, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzanian and international rural transport and development specialists gathered to review the current state of rural transport knowledge and practice. Are we facing the same challenges that existed 20 years ago,

"Mon niveau de pauvreté est plus accrue en raison du manque de transport"
October 30, 2008
De nouveaux témoignages oraux venant de la Mozambique publiés par Panos London ont été mis en relief les questions de transport rural, et l'accès à la santé en particulier.

Announcing a 3 day international rural transport workshop
October 6, 2008
IFRTD, the ILO, and TFG announce an international workshop on the state of rural transport and development. The workshop will be held in Dar es Salaam from 22-24 October 2008.

Mobility and Health in Nepal
October 3, 2008
Two workshops in Nepal in August advanced the profile of mobility and health issues in the Asia region sparking debate amongst representatives from key institutions about how to implement change.

Averting Maternal Death and Disability
September 23, 2008
A study into motorcycle ambulances for referral of obstetric emergencies in rural Malawi: Do they reduce delay and what do they cost?

Building the Road to Prosperity
September 23, 2008
SEACAP projects in Vietnam aim to give local workers more skills to build and maintain rural roads, Michael Libucha reports for Vietnam News.

Road Safety Research Consultant Vacancy, Cambodia.
September 15, 2008
Handicap International Belgium (HIB) is currently seeking a qualified and motivated person to fulfill the position of Road Safety Research Consultant for their 'Road Safety Cambodia' initiative.

thumbnail of IFRTD Asia organises Health and Transport  Advocacy Workshop in NepalIFRTD Asia organises Health and Transport Advocacy Workshop in Nepal
September 2, 2008
Health, Rural Transport and National Planning government officials together with Mobility & Health Researchers agreed to set policies that will address the key issues faced by rural communties in getting access to Health.

World Bank organises Transport for Health Access Workshop
July 28, 2008
In light of the new World Bank Health and Transport Strategies, the thematic group on transport and social responsibility organised a workshop on June 18 to debate more cross-sectoral approaches to help achieve the health-related MDGs.

Roadmap to Safer Motherhood in Malawi
June 30, 2008
The UK government report on their motorbike ambulance initiative in conjunction with eRangers that is helping pregant Malawian women reach hospital

Bus services shun Zimbabwe's deteriorating roads
May 21, 2008
Service providers in the transport sector are shunning the Mberengwa area in Zimbabwe because the district’s road network is not accessible.

Villagers in North Eastern Pakistan Protest About the Poor State of Repair of an Important Local Road
May 21, 2008
On Sunday 4th May 08 hundreds of villagers protested about the poor condition of the Kahuta-Karot Road in the Province of Punjab, Pakistan.

China and Democratic Republic of Congo to Complete Massive Mining for Infrastructure Deal
May 12, 2008
A deal worth $9 billion allowing China access to DRC copper and cobalt reserves in return for roads, railways and other infrastructure will be sealed imminently.

TRANSNET organises a Mobility and Health workshop
May 11, 2008
Transnet, the network of Swiss transport practitioners facilitated by Skat, organised a meeting with IFRTD to mainly share the first results of the Mobility and Health Networked Research Programme.

Building boom drives rapid AIDS spread in Indonesia
May 11, 2008
Indonesia's construction boom is driving an "exponential" rise in HIV-AIDS infections as mobile migrant workers are more likely to engage in high-risk sex, the Asian Development Bank recently warned.

Phelophepa, the South African 'Miracle Health Train' is providing services to over 45,000 people a year
May 11, 2008
In a recent visit to London, the Manager of Phelophepa, gave a speech about this innovative 16 carriage train project that delivers primary healthcare to South Africa's rural poor.

Impact of Transport on Access to health services for PLWHA in Namibia
May 11, 2008
Transport plays a crucial role in increasing access to health services for communities in Namibia, especially for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). This outcome is based on an assessment carried out by the Bicycle Empowerment Network in partnership wit

The health benefits of transport projects: a review of the World Bank transport sector lending portfolio
May 1, 2008
World Bank paper reviews contribution of its $28bn trasport lending porfolio to health outcomes over the past decade.

Riders for Health introduces motorbikes for health workers in Lesotho
April 11, 2008
Working with the government of Lesotho and other development organisations Riders for Health will manage 120 bikes, to be rolled out in two batches of 60.

Improved transport infrastructure in Malawi is key to rural development
April 11, 2008
The need for improved transport infrastructure in Malawi recentlyfeatured in the opinion pages of the Daily Times online newspaper.

Reducing Maternal Mortality in the Philippines
April 11, 2008
A recent news article reports how a new Department of Health strategy, that focuses on access to healthcare facilities for pregnant women in the Philippines, has delivered a visible reduction in maternal mortality.

UN says road deaths kill as many as Aids
April 8, 2008
UN meeting highlights "neglected" international health crisis: road accidents, already the biggest killer of young people worldwide.

thumbnail of Social Roads - a new perspective for transport safetySocial Roads - a new perspective for transport safety
March 5, 2008
A new publication from Benin explores the interaction between social and commercial activities and safety issues relating to transport infrastructure and services.

Driving to save lives in rural Tanzania
December 26, 2007
"I would have died on the road if I had not been helped" Maria Guadence a local beneficiary mentions.

Rural Connectivity and Health Care in India
December 25, 2007
India's former president Dr APJ Kalam has called for improved rural connectivity with better transport facilities as a means of delivering better health care services.

thumbnail of Motorcycle ambulances in Malawi reduce maternal mortalityMotorcycle ambulances in Malawi reduce maternal mortality
December 10, 2007
100 eRanger motorcycle ambulances introduced into rural Malawi as part of government's Safe Motherhood Programme.

IFRTD participated in the 14th Road Safety Conference
November 28, 2007
The 14th International Conference on Road Safety on 4 Continents (RS4C) welcomed a brilliant and remarkable participation from IFRTD.

SDC and Skat announce 11th TRANSNET event
November 25, 2007
The 11th TRANSNET event will take place in SDC head office, Bern Switzerland, Friday 7th December. The main theme will be: Mobility and Health - Results of the International Networked Research Programme.

Maternal Mortality Hits the Headlines
November 6, 2007
Maternal health has featured prominently in the international press in recent weeks. Are we on track to meet MDG 5 – a 75% reduction in the number of maternal mortalities by 2015, and what role can transport play?

thumbnail of Bike Ambulance Project Launched in NamibiaBike Ambulance Project Launched in Namibia
November 5, 2007
Design For Development will enable the manufacture and delivery of more than 60 bike ambulances to communities in Namibia over the next year.

IFRTD Asia Held 6th Annual Regional Meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam
October 31, 2007
IFRTD Asia held the 6th Annual Regional Meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam from 14 to 15 September 2007.

New MDG Review Highlights Transport as Critical Catalyst
October 31, 2007
Transport - the Missing Link? As this year marks the half way point to the Millennium Development Goals a new article published in the MDG Review assesses both the past and future roles of transport as a catalyst to achieving the MDGs.

Zimbabwe: Rural Commuters Are Going Nowhere
October 29, 2007
Rural commuters in Zimbabwe cannot catch a bus to their nearest clinic or shop anymore as the spiralling economic decline forces many transport operators to shut down their services in the countryside.

PNG Network for Rural Transport and Development new newsletters online
October 26, 2007
PNG Network for Rural Transport and Development newsletters online

Mobility and Health in the Amazon.... An update...
October 20, 2007
IFRTD participates in the second workshop held in Cenepa, nothern Peru.

Testing Mobile Clinics in rural Mali: an evaluation
October 12, 2007
The Ranger Production Company and Logistics for Health, in collaboration with Unicef, WHO and health organisations carried out pilot to test mobile clinic.

State to pay transport costs for BPL mothers to reach health facilities
October 12, 2007
Kolkata, June 10: The state government will now pay transport costs to underprivileged pregnant women to reach state-run hospitals and health facilities in time for childbirth.

New Health Plan protects China's poor
October 5, 2007
A new health care scheme in China ensures that 'a pig no longer needs to be sold for an ambulance ride'.

Mobility and Health in Nepal: an update
October 5, 2007
Having just returned from a field visit, IFRTD's Ranjith de Silva shares some of his experiences.

Announcing an International Symposium on Mobility and Health -October 2007
October 3, 2007
The Mobility and Health international networked research programme will culminate with an International Symposium at the Global Forum for Health Research in Beijing, China.

Motorbike trailer tested in Nigeria
October 2, 2007
Transaid introduce a new motorbike ambulance trailer design in Nigeria

New Poster Downloadable!
October 2, 2007
Kate Molesworth's poster 'Road Provision, Access TO Health Services AND Fertility IN Rural Nepal ' can now be downloaded from this website.

World Health Organization Call for Letters of Interest
October 2, 2007
The World Health Organization have issued a call for case studies addressing the social determinants of health and equity.

A new report on Maternal Health from Cambodia
September 28, 2007
Health Unlimited a UK NGO coordinated an action research project whereby transport was identified as a major problem

Research guidance manual now complete
September 28, 2007
Researchers design methodology for the Mobility and Health programme at regional workshops

Mobility and Health Brochure now tri-lingual
September 28, 2007
The Mobility and Health brochure is now available in French as well as Spanish and English. It has also been updated to reflect the progress of the programme.

Mobility and Health website in French and Spanish online soon
September 27, 2007
This website will soon be available in French and Spanish

Brochure on Mobility and Health available in English and Spanish
September 27, 2007

Where are we at the moment?
September 27, 2007
An Update on the Mobility and Health Initiative and the Case-studies

Riding and Sliding for a better health!
September 26, 2007
African, Asian and Latin American researchers meet in regional workshops to finalise overall methodology on Mobility and Health

Argentinian researchers promote Mobility and Health programme!
September 26, 2007
The Argentinian researchers participate in the First Conference titled "Social needs and the university", organised by the University of Buenos Aires

The Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA)
September 7, 2007
A partnership between bilateral donors, multilateral agencies and African institutions, the ICA makes its members more effective at supporting infrastructure by pooling efforts in selected key areas.

thumbnail of Cycling for better health: Uvumbuzi Bikathon in KenyaCycling for better health: Uvumbuzi Bikathon in Kenya
August 17, 2007
A young network called Uvumbuzi (Swahili for Discovery) is organising a bikathon in Kenya on July 7,2007

At the Crossroads: Which Way Now for the World Bank’s Transport strategy?
August 11, 2007
The Bretton Woods Project recently published a brief by Public World Director Brendan Martin likening the World Bank’s new transport strategy to a British train ‘running late with no public announcement as to the delay’.

Announcing an International Symposium on Mobility and Health - October 2007
August 8, 2007
The Mobility and Health international networked research programme will culminate with an International Symposium at the Global Forum for Health in Beijing, China.

French Virtual Forum Announced.
August 7, 2007
IFRTD members in Central and Western Africa and other francaphone nations are invited to share in a series of discussions on rural transport services throughout July 2007.

Regional Workshop on Animal Welfare
August 7, 2007
KENDAT in collaboration with AWAKE (Animal Welfare Action, Kenya) and ATNESA (Animal Traction Network for East and Southern Africa) is planning a regional workshop on Animal Welfare - September 24 - 28, 2007.

Taxis used to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in China
August 7, 2007
In China the friendly relationship between taxi driver and passenger is being used to promote HIV/AIDS awareness

thumbnail of SEACAP Programme Update: Updating Cambodia's Rural Roads PolicySEACAP Programme Update: Updating Cambodia's Rural Roads Policy
August 6, 2007
An update on the ongoing SEACAP funded process to update Cambodia's Rural Roads Policy.

New Rural Transport Blog
June 30, 2007
An opportunity to become a guest blogger for the gTKP rural transport blog.

In South Africa poor patients ‘excluded’ from healthcare due to high transport costs
June 6, 2007
A key finding of a health review is that the poorest patients cannot access healthcare due to high transport costs.

Improving Access to Markets and Services in Bhutan
May 15, 2007
In April 2007 the World Bank approved an IDA grant of $10 million to fund the Second Bhutan Rural Access Project.

Awareness Programme on Rural Transport for Heads of Local Government bodies in Sri Lanka
May 9, 2007
Local Government Heads learn about Rural Transport needs

thumbnail of Mobility and Health in the Amazon.... An update...Mobility and Health in the Amazon.... An update...
April 30, 2007
Early research findings are shared in a report from a community research workshop held in Cenepa, Northern Peru as part of the Mobility and Health Networked Research Programme.

Gender Focus for the Village Bicycle Project in Ghana
April 19, 2007
Ghana's Village Bicycle Project's 2006 review is now online introducing new women's programmes that are training women as bicycle repair instructors.

Latest RDC GFN Bulletin Online
April 1, 2007
The latest bulletin of the DRC National Forum Group (GFN) is now online

thumbnail of Outcomes of the Africa Transport Safety ConferenceOutcomes of the Africa Transport Safety Conference
March 27, 2007
The Africa Transport Safety Conference brings into profile the issue of Rural Transport Safety

Rural Transport Safety - Time for a Broader Debate?
March 26, 2007
IFRTD members in Peru, Cameroon, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and India have completed a series of complementary case studies to highlight the specific transport safety issues faced by rural communities in developing countries.

Cuba Meeting Highlights Practical Rural Transport Initiatives
March 25, 2007
The Cuba National Forum Group for Rural Transport and Development recently organised The III National Meeting of Rural Transport Service Drivers to share knowledge and ideas for improved rural transport in Cuba.

Acciones para promover la inserción del proyecto argentino
January 29, 2007
El proyecto argentino fue presentado al Programa de Reconocimiento Institucional de la Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Training Workshop - Appropriate Technology Road Works for Enhanced Livelihoods
November 3, 2006
A two week training workshop will be held in Kathmandu, Nepal, between 29th Jan and 9th Feb 2007. The course, organised by Intech Associates in association with the CITC is targeted at professionals involved in road works implementation

thumbnail of 2o Simposio Colombiano de Transporte Rural2o Simposio Colombiano de Transporte Rural
October 31, 2006
Del 30 de agosto al 1 de Septiembre del 2006 se realizó, en Popayán el 2o. Simposio Colombiano de Transporte Rural, con la presencia de más de 180 personas

thumbnail of II Simposio Colombiano de Transporte RuralII Simposio Colombiano de Transporte Rural
October 18, 2006
Popayán, Colombia, 1 y 2 de junio Invitación a inscribir ponencias hasta el 30 de abril.

thumbnail of Simposio Internacional sobre Transporte y Desarrollo RuralesSimposio Internacional sobre Transporte y Desarrollo Rurales
October 18, 2006
Simposio Internacional sobre Transporte y Desarrollo Rurales Setiembre 7 y 8, 2006, Querétaro, México

thumbnail of Riding and Sliding for a better health!Riding and Sliding for a better health!
September 26, 2006
African, Asian and Latin American researchers meet in regional workshops to finalise overall methodology on Mobility and Health Research

Call for Expressions of Interest in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos
June 28, 2006

thumbnail of is live! is live!
June 6, 2006
A new web site is launched for the International Mobility and Health programme

Transport and the MDGs
March 11, 2005
A new issue page has been uploaded to the IFRTD website looking at the role of transport in the Millennium Development Goals

The Uhuru – bringing freedom to Zimbabwe’s remote communities
March 2, 2005
A recent update from Zimbabwe reveals that the revolutionary motorcycle-sidecar ambulance developed by Riders for Health is having a fantastic impact on some of the country's most vulnerable communities.

TransNet workshop on Mobility and Health
December 20, 2004
The significant contribution of mobility to development and the livelihoods of poor people is widely recognised, however the development sector is yet to fully acknowledge and understand the role of transport in improving poor people’s health.



Forum News 15.3: Why are we still talking about women headloading?
November 9, 2010

Download Forum News 15.3 which focuses on the gender and transport agenda; what has been achieved and what comes next.

Forum News 15.2: Health and Transport: a pioneering partnership
November 8, 2010

Download Forum News 15.2 which focuses on the findings of the Mobility and Health Networked Research Programme.

Transport safety: a rural epidemic too
November 6, 2010

 An article featured in the 2010 Commonwealth Ministers Reference Book.  Highlighting IFRTD's commitment to broadening international understanding of the transport safety agenda to encompass the experience of communities in rural settings. 

Transport and the Three Delays Model of Mortality
November 3, 2010
A poster depicting the links between mobility and health for poor communities in developing countries using the Three Delays Model of Maternal Mortality.

Gender, Economic Integration and Cross-border Infrastructure Development - Compilation of Workshop Abstracts
July 1, 2010

A compilation of abstracts presented at the Gender, Economic Integration and Cross-Border Infrastructure Development Workshop in June 2010 is now available online.

Bridging the Gap: Addressing Mobility Needs as a means to achieve the health related MDGs
June 8, 2010

Presentations made at the IFRTD side event hosted at the 18th Session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development

Forum News 15.1: A Moving Issue: Children and young people's transport and mobility constraints in Africa.
May 28, 2010

The latest Forum News edition now available online, focuses on the innovative children and mobility research programme pioneered by the University of Durham

Perutube on the Airwaves
March 26, 2010
Listen to Joe Myerscough from Radio Roundhouse's Arts Attack programme interviewing Ana Bravo, Silvia Bravo and Matt Barker about the Messages from the Amazonas project.

Balancing the Load, Women, Gender and Transport Coedited by Priyanthi Fernando and Gina Porter (2002)
October 1, 2009
The book, Balancing the Load. Women, Gender and Transport, brings together case studies from an international networked research programme.

A Means to an end: transport and the Millennium Development Goals
November 5, 2008
An exploration of the critical relationship between transport and each of the MDGs, and the challenges that must be overcome to enable transport to maximise its potential and fulfil a catalytic role in the delivery of the MDGs by the 2015 deadline.

We are not alone anymore
January 1, 2007
“We are not alone anymore” by Clarisse Cunha Winning Entry in IFRTD's January 2007 Opinions Fair Contest.

 An opinion piece on the work of ...

Mobility and Health: The Impact of Transport Provision on Direct and Indirect Determinants of Access to Health Services
November 3, 2006

A literature review on Mobility and Health prepared by Dr Kate Molesworth, Swiss Centre for International Health.

A Networked Research Approach - A Guide to Conducting Research in a Network Setting
November 1, 2006

A Guide to Conducting Research in a Network Setting.  

Mobility and Health Research Guidance Manual
March 3, 2006

The research guidance manual developed by researchers in the Mobility and Health programme. includes the conceptual framework for the programme and guidelines for interview techniques, data collection, disaggregating data and gender inclusivity.

The Makete Approach: The Case of PIRTP and RAMPA in Malawi. By Alexander R Phiri
January 15, 2006
This Malawi case study is part of a series of studies completed under and IFRTD initiated project 'The Makete Approach' to evaluate the impact of the pioneering MIRTP project on the policy and institutional landscape of todays transport sector.

Forum News 12.2: Passive Recipients to Active Participants
September 2, 2005
Forum News focused on community participation in transport management.

Forum News 12.1: Reconstructing Vulnerability or Reconstruction with Change?
March 2, 2005
Forum News focusing on transport and disasters.

Forum News 11.2: Transport - The Missing Link?
October 2, 2003

Forum News focusing on making services work for poor people.

Forum News 10.3: Making Transport Work for the Poor
March 3, 2003

Forum News issue focused on transport and poverty.

Forum News 10.2: Virtual Access - Taking the Super Highway
October 3, 2002
Forum News focusing on ICTs and rural access.

Forum News 10.1: Reducing Risk and Accelerating Recovery
July 3, 2002
Forum News focusing on rural transport and disasters.

Local Transport Solutions for Rural Development
June 5, 2002

Download the photographic book by Paul Starkey

Forum News 9.4: Moving Mountains
April 1, 2002
Forum News issue 9.4 (April 2002) focuses on access and mobility in mountainous areas.

Forum News 9.3: Community Driven
January 3, 2002
Forum News focusing on the viability of Community Transport Solutions

Forum News 9.2: Good Governance and Capacity Building, 2 Sides of the Same Coin
October 3, 2001
Forum News focusing on transport and governance.

Forum News 8.4: Transport Safety is it a Rural Issue?
May 3, 2001
Forum News focused on transport and safety.

Forum News 8.3: Addressing the Needs of Vulnerable Groups
February 3, 2001
Forum News focusing on transport and vulnerable groups.

Forum News 8.2: Too Fast, Too Slow? - Fiscal Policy in the Transport Sector
September 3, 2000
Forum News issue focusing on transport, taxation and economic policies.

Forum News 7.4: Bridges: linking Rural Communities to Livelihoods
May 3, 2000
Forum News issue focused on bridges.

Forum News 7.3: The Forum Looks to the Future
January 3, 2000
Millennium edition of Forum News