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Welcome to IFRTD East and Southern Africa Region

Our Members and Strategic Partners in East and Southern Africa

IFRTD in the ESA region maintains a diverse membership consisting of active individual members, national networks, institutional partners, and general contact membership that participates in specific activities and events. Currently, we are making efforts to regenerate the membership, and to especially capture the interest of young and upcoming researchers to take interest in rural transport and development issues.

We have strong partnerships with national, regional and international institutions. Examples of our national level partnerships include collaborations with the Kenya Roads 2000 programme (a rural road maintenance programme), the Kenya Rural Roads Authority and the Kenya Network for Dissemination of Agricultural Technology. We have a strong partnership with the Tanzania Roads Association and in South Africa IFRTD ESA maintain a good relationship with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research [CSIR]. In Namibia, we have established a networking relationship with the Bicycle Empowerment Network.

At the regional level we have networking and collaborative partnerships with among others the Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy Programme [SSATP], the Economic Commission for Africa [ECA], the FIA Foundation, the African Community Access Programme [AFCAP], the global Transport Knowledge Partnership [gTKP] and the Transport Training Initiative among others.

Network members visiting a rural access project in South  Africa

For the ESA Strategy Plan 2011-2013 click here

IFRTD has a strong membership base in Eastern and Southern Africa [ESA], consisting of National Forum Groups, individual members and partner institutions. Currently, there are vibrant national networks in Uganda, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa and Kenya. IFRTD also have contact members in Rwanda, Malawi and Namibia.

In previous years, IFRTD ESA had a successful twin strategy focusing on engaging in small ground-breaking pieces of research and developing policy dialogues processes in different countries. Some of the successful research work includes a scoping study on HiV/AIDS along regional transport corridors and a study on rural transport hubs. We have also participated in IFRTDs global research work on Mobility and Health as well as Rural Waterways and Livelihoods.

Examples of our successful policy dialogue processes include a collaboration with the Tanzania NFG to organise a half day dialogue session in the Tanzania house of parliament with over 150 legislators to discuss institutional framework for rural roads financing and management and issues related to rural access and poverty reduction in Tanzania. Another example is the lobbying work in Kenya that led to the removal of VAT on imported bicycles.

Currently, IFRTD network members are keen to lift the profile of IFRTD in the region even higher through branded IFRTD publications and presentations at high end policy and advocacy events. These opportunities are being explored by engaging more with members from the universities and ensuring participation in scientific conferences such as the Southern Africa Transport Conference.

We welcome your participation in the IFRTD network in East and Southern Africa, please get in touch with us to find how you can get involved.

Peter NjengaPeter Njenga
IFRTD Regional Coordinator (East and Southern Africa)

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