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Balancing the Load, Women, Gender and Transport Coedited by Priyanthi Fernando and Gina Porter (2002)

balancing the load book

This book draws together local level research from 15 countries across Asia and Africa, to help understand how gender affects men and women's access to transport, and what steps can be taken at community provider and policy levels to improve the situation. It presents fascinating information about different forms of rural transport in diverse settings; the social roles transport plays; the uneven gender-influenced access to it; and the impacts poverty, culture and gender-insensitive provision have on women's lives in relation to transport.

3 chapters are available for free download: 

Bridging the gap between gender and transport (Chapter 1)
By Priyanthi Fernando & Gina Porter(2002)
Download (Word 80kb)

Safety and Gender Issues in Rural Transport in Busia District, Uganda (Chapter 6) - by Paul Kwamusi (2002). 
Download (Word 78kb)

Nkone River Bridge and its Impact on Travel and Marketing Activities of the Karia Community of Meru District in Kenya(Chapter 7) - by P.G. Kaumbutho (2002)
Download (Word 579kb)

Published by Zed books in association with IFRTD
June 2002
Hb ISBN 1 85649 981 2
£49.95 $75.00
Pb ISBN 1 85649 982 0
£16.95 $27.50

Free Copies are available (subject to availability) to organisations and individuals in the developing world. To obtain a copy please email the IFRTD Secretariat at